Is Ready-Mixed Concrete Right For Your Project?

Posted on: 28 December 2022

Ready-mixed concrete is a common solution to the basic challenge of obtaining a quality mixture for a project as quickly as possible. You might wonder if this is the best approach for your job, especially when compared to mixing concrete at the site. Here is how you can decide.

Need for Precise Control

It is hard to match what a company can create in controlled conditions at its facilities. Especially when it comes to precisely controlling the mixture, even skilled concrete contractors will struggle to get the measurements right in terms of aggregate, sand, plasticizers, and water. If you need precise control over the concrete for engineering or design reasons, concrete delivery is likely the way to go. A qualified professional can take your engineering specifications and produce a batch that'll meet or exceed them.


As long as you can maintain a schedule compatible with the delivery timeline, ready-mixed concrete will work for your project. Generally, companies can deliver products with a few days of notice. Folks who need to pour concrete almost on demand might need to mix their materials on-site to maintain the necessary scheduling flexibility, though.


Obtaining the equipment for mixing concrete on location isn't always easy, especially if you need a big mixer. Anyone who has ever mixed and poured concrete for a sidewalk can attest to the associated challenges even on a small project. As the task grows in size and the required speed accelerates, ready-mixed concrete becomes the presumptive solution for all but the most experienced and well-equipped operations. There is a reason why you'll usually see concrete delivery vehicles from third parties at most large construction sites.


Liability for the engineering quality of the concrete matters. Especially on large commercial and industrial projects, it's wise to work with a licensed, insured, and bonded company. This will dramatically reduce the risk that the concrete will end up out of spec, and that can lower your liability exposure.


Generally, mixing on-site is cheaper in terms of buying materials. However, waste can eat up those savings quickly. If you're not sure you can mix everything properly on the first try, there's a good chance there will be waste. Similarly, you have to be confident that you and the folks you're working with can move fast when it comes time to pour. Many people find that concrete delivery reduces costs and waste while also making the process more convenient.

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