3 Tips On Buying A Home With Easy Accessibility

Posted on: 21 June 2022

Thinking about your family's needs is an important part of shopping for a home. Meeting these needs is a top priority because they will allow your family to be satisfied and happy. In your case, you may know that easy accessibility is one of the most crucial qualities. Learning a few tips on buying this type of home will help you narrow down listings and make the right choice.


Analyzing exterior features and qualities will help you make the right purchase. But focusing on the house and the interior is crucial because this is where family and guests will move around.

A one-story home is ideal because it eliminates stairs going up or down. At the very least, you want to avoid multistory homes with bedrooms on the second floor because your family may need to access them multiple times daily. The extra floors that can work include an attic and basement because you can dedicate these spaces to storage and use them infrequently.

Ideally, you want to analyze the doorways and hallways to prioritize the widest ones. The extra width will help your family or guests get around using a walker or wheelchair. An open layout can also make a difference because many rooms will be connected. This makes it so everyone in your family can easily socialize in separate areas.


A flat driveway is worth demanding with your home purchase. Getting a flat one allows you to leave items unattended, such as a walker or wheelchair, without them rolling away. This makes it convenient for relatives and guests who use these devices to help with mobility.

Another quality to demand is a paved driveway over one made of gravel. The paving provides a smooth and reliable surface that you can easily maneuver on. You can also demand a wide driveway to avoid stepping onto grass, plants, or landscaping when getting out of your vehicle.


While any garage will help with parking, you will find that an attached garage provides the easiest accessibility. This garage allows you to park inside and walk through a single door to enter your home. However, detached garages might require you to walk across the entire front yard or backyard before reaching your front door to get inside the house.

Consider these tips while house hunting to help you buy a place that provides easy accessibility for family, friends, and guests. Contact a real estate professional to get help finding the right house.