5 Features That Make an Apartment a Luxury One

Posted on: 28 June 2021

If you want to live in an apartment, but you want to enjoy a high standard of living, you will want to look for luxury apartments to rent or purchase. There are a few features that help to set a luxury apartment apart from the rest.

1: Gourmet Kitchen

Living in a luxury apartment should give you access to the more commonly associated layout with a single-family home, starting with the kitchen. With a luxury apartment, you should get access to a gourmet, top-of-the-line kitchen.

The kitchen should have an open layout, with lots of counter space. It should include nice wood cabinets and high-end appliances. You should have all the storage space you need for all of your kitchen tools and a built-in pantry area as well. The light should also come with lots of lights, from ambient lights to task lights.

2: Storage Space

Apartments are generally associated with a lack of storage space. When it comes to a luxury apartment, though, there should be lots of built-in storage space.

You are going to find walk-in closets in the bedrooms and linen closets in the hallways so that you have plenty of places to put all of your stuff without having to rent an additional storage unit.

3: Layered Lighting

If you walk into a normal small apartment, you will notice that lighting is often basic, with maybe one overhead light per room. With a luxury apartment, you can often enjoy layered lighting.

You will have mood lights in the living room, where you can adjust the level of the lights. You are going to have recessed lights as well as overhead lights in the home. There should be enough lights to allow you to see well and control the mode simultaneously.

4: Smart Home Upgrades

Next, the home should feature some smart home upgrades. You should be able to find a luxury apartment that has smart thermostats and programable lights. The unit should already have some integrated smart features, and it should be easy to add more.

5: Concierge Service

A luxury apartment is not going to be located in any ordinary building. It is going to be located in a luxury building that has a door persona and concierge service. Someone will always be around to assist you when you need it.

A luxury apartment will feel like a newer single-family home on the inside, with a gourmet kitchen, layered lighting, smart home upgrades, and storage space. It will feel like an upscale building by having a door person and a concierge service you can use whenever you need it.