Shopping for a Home? Do These 3 Things Before You Close

Posted on: 2 February 2021

As exciting as it can be to shop for your first home, it's also important to move through the process slowly and deliberately. Otherwise, you could end up making some common first-time-buyer mistakes, such as paying too much or ending up with a home that has lots of hidden (and expensive) defects.

By checking just a few things off your list before you close, you can feel more confident signing off on that paperwork and becoming a homeowner for the first time!

Scope Out the Neighborhood

Sometimes, a home that looks amazing on paper (and maybe even in-person) may not actually be the best choice for you based on where it is located. This is why it's always important to get to know the neighborhood before you make a serious offer. This should involve not only visiting the home in-person and walking around the neighborhood but possibly stopping to speak with neighbors as well. There are also some great (and free) online tools that can help you get a better feel for an area's overall safety, crime, and other important statistics that may influence your buying decision.

Consult With a Real Estate Agent

Before you make an offer, it never hurts to speak with a real estate agent. As a first-time buyer, you shouldn't have to pay any commission to have an agent represent you. He or she can provide you with valuable guidance on how much a home is worth, which can save you from offering too much (or far too little) for the property you're interested in.

Opt for a Home Inspection

It is your right as a home buyer to have a detailed inspection done on a home before you close--even if you've already had an offer accepted on the property. While a home inspection may cost you some money up-front, the findings of such an inspection can provide you with important insights. For example, you may learn that the home has a hidden slab leak under the foundation, which could cost you thousands to repair.

By having this information before you close, you can negotiate repairs into the sale price of the home or even walk away from the sale. And of course, if the inspection finds nothing amiss, you'll be able to enjoy some added peace of mind with your purchase!

By taking the time to do these things before you close on a home, you can buy with confidence and enjoy your journey into homeownership. Learn more by contacting real estate companies that have homes for sale.