New Homes On The Market: Which One Is Best For You?

Posted on: 6 October 2020

New homes hit the market all the time, and it's easy to be lured into any one of them because they're so new and modern in their appeal. How do you narrow down your options when looking at new homes in your area?

Whether you want to buy property in an existing subdivision or you see new construction in your local school district or favorite part of town and you're interested in taking a look, ask your realtor for advice and follow these tips for locating the best new property for you among all the new homes on the market today.

Overall cost per square foot

New homes carry an attractive price tag, especially since everything you get is brand-new. This can make it easy to pick any of the new homes and consider them a great deal to you since homes usually improve in value, not depreciate, over time. How do you choose among new homes if the cost is not a distraction?

Do this: instead of looking at the overall cost of the home to see its true value to you, look at all the new homes you're considering and compare their cost per square foot completed. A smaller home, in the end, may cost the same as a larger home square footage-wise, and you'll be able to see where the true value to you lies so you can shop wisely.


If you see two identically priced and designed new homes on the market, compare them to see which one will be best for you by checking out the locations of each. For example, if one home is located in a newly developed subdivision with lots of potential but no landscape yet but another home is located in an established location and has lots of mature trees, you may want to go for the property with a more mature yard. Or you might want a home that is closer to schools over one that is across town, even if both new homes are desirable.

New homes are a great way to invest in real estate without having to put a lot of work into the property yourself. When you look at new homes for sale, talk to your realtor about your budget and what you want in a property so you only look at new homes that you can realistically put offers on. This way, your home-buying experience is made more convenient and beneficial to you all around. 

For more information on new homes, reach out to a real estate agent.