Looking At Buying Land For Sale? Important Questions To Ask Before Making An Offer

Posted on: 11 January 2020

If you are looking to construct your own home or build a commercial building, you may be looking to purchase a plot of land for sale. When you are looking to buy a home, you look at the home and base your decision on how you feel about the home and whether you like it. But, there is a lot more that you need to consider than just what the land looks like when buying land. Asking your real estate agent or the seller's agent the right questions can help you to find the perfect plot of land for your project. Here are a few of the questions that you should be sure to ask. 

Are the Property Lines Clearly Marked or Defined? 

As you view the land, ask your real estate agent if the property lines are clearly marked or defined. It can be hard to gauge exactly where the property you are looking at starts or ends when the boundaries are not clearly marked off. Many seller's agents will recommend putting markers or using spray paint to help show the boundaries. You may be envisioning where you want to build on the land, only to find out, it's too close to the other owner's land. Having boundaries in place helps you to see exactly what land you are buying. 

Is the Land Zoned and What is the Zoning?

Another important question to ask a real estate agent when you are looking to buy land is whether the land is zoned and what the zoning is for that land. Getting land re-zoned is costly, lengthy and challenging. Having land that is already zoned for the usage you need can be extremely beneficial. 

Can I Conduct a Land Survey Before Making an Offer?

Finally, be sure to ask if you can conduct a land survey before making an offer or before closing. A land survey is kind of like a home inspection for land. It tells you the condition and type of soil present and if the land is suitable for building the type of building you need. You can also get an idea as to how much to will cost to clear and level the land for building. Some sellers will allow you to conduct a land survey, while others may not. 

A plot of land can be the perfect size and in the perfect location for your building project, but it may not meet your needs due to zoning or the ability to build on the land. Taking the time to ask the right questions helps you to find the plot of land that not only is beautiful and perfectly located but can be transformed into the type of building that you need to be constructed on the land.