Something Sleeping With You At Night That Is Biting You? 3 Tips To Determine If You Have Bed Bugs

Posted on: 26 September 2018

If you feel something sleeping with you at night and you wake up in the morning with bites on your body, then you may have bed bugs. To help you determine if you are having a problem with bed bugs, below are four tips to help you know for sure, so you can call a bed bug exterminator service and get the bed bugs out.

Look for Dark Spots on the Mattress

Remove all bedding from your bed. Immediately put bedding into a large garbage bag, and then put the bag outside. This is just in case you do have bed bugs and there are bugs on the bedding. Once the bedding is removed, use a magnifying glass to look around the edge of the mattress. You should look for small dark spots, which are feces from the bed bugs. These dark spots can also be blood that may be on the bed bugs from where they bite you at night.

If you find bed bugs do not bring your bedding back into your home. Instead, take it to a laundromat and wash in the hottest temperature possible, or purchase new bedding after you get the bed bugs out of your home.

Look for Shed Skins

One common sign of bed bugs is seeing shed skin. These shed skins look exactly like a live bed bug, but instead, the skins are translucent and empty. An adult bed bug will shed its skin one time, so you may not see a lot of them if you do not have an infestation of bed bugs yet. Shed skins do not break down and decompose, so you will see them if you have bed bugs.

Look for shed skins around the edge of the mattress, and on the box spring, baseboard, and headboard. Also inspect the carpeting around the bed, under dressers, and on your pajamas.

Look at Your Skin

One of the telltale signs of bed bugs is on your skin. When you wake up you will have bites on exposed areas of skin, such as your shoulders, arms, and legs. These bites are small and red. They may also itch. In some cases, you will have several bites in one area or may notice a long succession of bites. This does depend on how many bed bugs are biting you.

If you scratch the bed bug bites and have dirty fingernails, the bites may become infected. If this happens, you will have to go to a doctor to get treatment. If you do not, the infection will continue to spread.

Talk with the exterminator that you hire about bed bugs, and they can give you much more information about them.