What To Know When That Property Comes With More Than Just A Building

Posted on: 3 August 2018

The McMansion and packed-together HOA developments have become the norm for many states now, meaning that people are used to the small yards and lack of space between houses that often come along with these properties. Occasionally, though, you'll find yourself looking at either an older house that was built with more surrounding land, or an newer luxury property that has extensive grounds. These look great, but if you've never dealt with land before, read on -- it could work out very well for you as long as you know what to expect.

Yard Care

Bigger yards mean more work. This might mean a moderate amount, like you'd find if you bought a 1960s ranch house in suburbia, or a large amount, if you're looking at luxury property. If you were already planning to hire a yard care service, this might not matter. But if you were hoping to transform the yard yourself, be realistic about the amount of work it might require.

That's not to say a huge yard is bad. It can be very nice to have so much open space. You can create different styles of gardens across the property and have plenty of space between you and your neighbors. And honestly, it's always nice to see more green space. You just need to be aware that the change in yard care routine could be bigger than you realized.


Take a good look at the security around the land. For many developments, the yards are bordered with fences and gates, but in some areas, you'll find the backyard has a forest at the edge instead of anything manmade. Find out where the forest leads and how to ensure your yard and belongings in the yard stay safe.

Pest Control

Whether you're talking about actual insect and animal pests or pathogens that attack plants and trees, the pest control factor is going to grow as well. The good news is that professional tree care, lawn care, and pest control companies can all keep the yard and your house in good shape. The less-good news is that you'll be better off contracting with these companies instead of trying to care for everything yourself, which means more monthly or quarterly payments.

The increased amount of land you find on some properties is usually very welcome and lovely. If you buy the property without realizing what that land will require, though, your home-owning experience could be rather rocky at first. Talk to your agent about what property care in the area is usually like.