Selling A Home From A Distance? 5 Local Professionals You Need On Your Team

Posted on: 30 July 2018

Selling a home when you don't live in the area adds complexity to a process that many people find complicated already. What you need is a good team on the ground to make the sale work quickly and easily. So, who should you call to be on your selling team? Here are five invaluable people.

1. Realtor. You want an experienced local realtor to handle everything from properly pricing the home to showing buyers to managing the paperwork for you. Your real estate agent will be your primary "eyes and ears," so make sure you're on the same page about the intended timeline, financial needs, and condition of the property. Communicate regularly with your agent to keep the lines open. 

2. Handyman. A handyman or contractor can help you spruce up the home before listing it on the market. Small updates, repairs, and cosmetic changes can make a big difference in the price. At a minimum, you may want someone to paint the house, update cabinetry, make visible repairs, and assess the overall condition in case you need to include allowances or discounts. 

3. Stager. Home staging is key to getting a good price and getting a property sold fast. If you recently lived in the home or have inherited it in "as is" condition, it probably needs some decoration work to make things appealing to buyers. A professional staging service will create a bright and cheery space that's sufficiently neutral and looks as large as you can make it. 

4. Photographer. Use a local professional photographer to capture the house in its best light. Because so many potential buyers shop online at first, good pictures are vital. Rather than using photos taken on someone's cell phone, a professional will know when to use the best light, how to take pictures of various rooms, and how to make an engaging video of the house for listing websites. 

5. Attorney. A real estate attorney is a valuable partner for any sale in another state. They can handle the contracts and work with various agents to get everything done on time. And because they're local, they'll be good resources should anything unusual come up — such as zoning complications, title issues, estate paperwork, or negotiations.

Putting together a great team to do your remote work for you will help get the sale done faster and with less stress for everyone. And then you can move forward with your new chapter in life. For more information on selling real estate, contact your local realtor.