Staging Your Home: The Advantages Of A Professional Home Staging

Posted on: 24 July 2018

If you're selling a home, your real estate agent may have suggested a home staging. Home staging is when you bring in furniture and decor temporarily to make a property look well-designed, but not lived in. A staged home is like a show room: it shows potential buyers what they could expect if they lived there. Professional home staging companies can handle this all for you, but it's up to you whether you want to make the effort.

Home Staging Can Distract from "Flaws"

There are some flaws to a house that may not actually be flaws at all, as long as you understand how the house will be used. An example of this is an open floor plan that leaves buyers wondering where a dining area ends and the living room begins; putting in furniture removes all of the doubt. 

Home staging can make small rooms look larger and can distract from awkwardly positioned or strangely designed rooms. This shows buyers what they can do with the property and that these issues aren't really issues at all.

Home Staging Lets Buyers Imagine Themselves in Your Home

It can be difficult to imagine yourself and your possessions in a completely empty house. It may not be clear how the space is supposed to be used, or the home may just feel uncomfortable while it's empty. Home staging gives buyers a foundation on which they can build. Though they might not necessarily choose that type of furniture or that type of decor, they will start imagining what they would put in the home and where.

Home Staging Gives You Better Listing Photographs

Listing photographs are the first impression that your home will make on a buyer. Before curb appeal, listing photographs decide whether a buyer is actually going to make an appointment to see your home. It can be difficult to get good photographs of an empty house or a house that's already filled with clutter. Home staging can be done to make photographs look fantastic, which will get people in the door.

Many real estate agents already have a home staging company that they frequently use. The process of home staging is fast and often not very expensive; after all, you're only renting furniture, not buying it. If your home has been on the market for a while, home staging could give it that extra something that buyers are looking for.

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