List Homes At The Right Time For Real Estate Success

Posted on: 21 July 2018

Selling real estate can be an exciting way to earn a living. Since most real estate agents work on commission, it's important that you are able to maximize the number of sales that you complete each year. Experienced agents know that listing homes at the right time is the key to success. Use these guidelines to help you better determine the optimal time to sell real estate in the future.

1. List as many homes as possible during the summer months.

Moving in the winter can be a real challenge. As a result, more people are looking to purchase a new home in the summer months as opposed to the winter months. You should be prepared to work diligently throughout the summer to list (and hopefully sell) as many homes as possible.

June is an especially lucrative month for real estate. Statistics show that housing sales in June are usually about 29% higher than in other months.

2. Avoid listing before busy holidays.

In order to sell a home quickly, you need to ensure that as many potential buyers see the property as possible. This means that you must strategically plan when you put homes on the market.

There are many holidays throughout the year. People tend to focus on celebrating these holidays with friends and family members, not purchasing a home. If you put a home on the market right before a major holiday, the listing will likely get buried before potential buyers are ready to return to their home search. You are better off waiting to list properties until right after major holidays if you want to maximize sales.

3. Host open houses during convenient times.

An open house is a real estate agent's most valuable tool. Open houses get potential buyers into a property so that they can see the amenities and features for themselves. It's important that you make your open houses as convenient as possible if you want to attract buyers.

Hosting virtual open houses allows buyers in remote locations to participate. You should also consider planning both weekend and weeknight events so that you capture as much of your target market as possible. Timing your open houses right could result in multiple offers on each of the properties you attempt to sell.

Timing is everything when it comes to selling real estate. Be sure that you are strategically planning when you list properties and host open houses to boost your sales numbers in the coming year.