Issues Your Locks May Encounter

Posted on: 21 July 2018

Understanding how to address problems with locks can be necessary for minimizing the risk of your property being the victim of unauthorized entry. In particular, there are several lock problems that can be commonly encountered and that often confuse homeowners when they occur.

The Lock Face or Bolt Is Loosening

The force generated by using the lock can lead to the screws that hold it in place loosening. When these screws loosen, the face and blot of the lock may start to loosen as well. As soon as you realize that your locks have loosened, these screws should be tightened. Failing to do this can lead to some of these components becoming warped as a result.

Squeaking Occurs When Using the Lock

Squeaking coming from the lock can indicate that either some of the internal components have started to corrode, the lock lacks lubrication, or warping has occurred. Adding lubrication to the lock should be the first step you take to address this particular issue. If this fails to stop the noise or if it returns soon after, the lock should be examined by a professional as this could indicate that it is at a higher risk of suffering a catastrophic failure, which could leave your home vulnerable.

Damage From Attempted Forced Entries

If someone has attempted to force their way through the lock, it will likely have suffered extensive damage. Interestingly, this damage may not always be immediately visible. This is often the case when individuals attempt to pick the lock, as this could destroy the delicate internal components of the lock. Whenever someone has attempted to breach your lock, you should have it replaced. This will ensure that any internal damage is address while also ensuring that the individual will be unable to use the knowledge they gained of the lock if they ever decide to return.

Concerns About Overall Effectiveness

Individuals that have older locks on their doors may be concerned about the effectiveness of these locks. The design and construction of locks have progressed significantly in recent years. In addition to incorporating designs and materials that make them more resistant against breaching attempts, it is also possible to opt for smart locks, combination locks, and other sophisticated locking systems. To taking advantage of these options, you will need to replace your older locks, and if you are worried about the costs of this upgrade, it will likely be less than you may assume as the cost of these locks has decreased as they have become more prevalent.

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