Putting Your Small Home Up For Sale? Use These Tips To Make It Look More Spacious And Appealing

Posted on: 17 July 2018

Selling a small home has always been a bit more challenging for homeowners. However, the current seller's real estate market has effectively reduced the number of available homes for sale and created a much more favorable climate for selling smaller homes. Motivated buyers who have been unable to find a larger home to purchase may now be much more willing to consider an attractive smaller home, instead. If you own a small home and want to take advantage of this market to get it sold, it is still important to make sure that it shows well and appears as spacious as possible. 

Making a small kitchen look larger 

The kitchens of most small homes can be a real problem for buyers, especially if they want to enjoy cooking as a couple or family in their new home. Sellers who have small kitchens can still appeal to these buyers by making a few changes to help their kitchen feel more roomy and comfortable. Some excellent ideas for accomplishing this goal include: 

  • making sure the entire room is well-lit, including under-cabinet lighting and task lighting to show off potential workspaces
  • clearing small appliances off the counters to provide the appearance of more counter space
  • removing upper cabinet doors and painting the interiors a light color to make the room feel much more open
  • removing window coverings completely or replacing them with sheer blinds or window film to let in more natural light

If you currently have space for a table and chairs, make sure that the furniture you display there when the home is on the market is small in size and simple in design. Chunky tables and chairs can look too large and imposing for small areas. In any case, make sure that there is plenty of floor space so that buyers can walk around the room without having to squeeze by the table or trip over chair legs. 

Helping living spaces look more spacious

Large-scale furnishings can also overpower the living areas of your home. For instance, large couches, sectionals, and oversize recliners can make the room feel crowded and cause visiting buyers to wonder if it can possibly provide a comfortable space for their family. To avoid this problem, consider storing away large furnishings and instead show the home with only a small-scale couch, and a pair of armchairs arranged attractively in the center of the room. Doing this will free up additional floor space and make the room instantly feel much larger and more open. 

For even more helpful ideas on staging your small home to attract buyer attention, consider inviting your listing agent to visit your home and offer their professional advice and suggestions as part of your pre-listing preparations.