How To Ensure These Two Home Components Are Working Before You Buy And Move Into Your New Home

Posted on: 17 July 2018

The summer season is in full swing and with it comes the high temperatures and blazing sun that makes you want to escape into a cool place with an ice-cold drink. When you are buying a home this summer season, there are some specific home components you especially want to make sure work in the home you are about to buy and move into. Here are some tips to ensure that these summer-essential items within your home are ready and working.

Home Air Conditioner

A home purchased with an air conditioner should have the air conditioner in good working order so you can remain cool during the heat. Your professional inspection completed before the escrow closing will entail a full inspection of the system and its components to make sure there are no problems or repairs necessary. As part of the home inspection fee, your professional inspector will detail their findings in their inspection report along with all the other components in your soon-to-be-purchased home.

If the inspector finds parts of the air conditioner that are not working, such as the condenser coils are blocked or dirty and not dispersing heat outside, you will want the homeowner to have this repaired before you buy the home. Your realtor can help you write this into the purchase contract on an addendum.


Many home sales do not include a refrigerator in the purchase, but if you do not have your own refrigerator and don't have the funds to buy your own soon, you can ask the seller to include this appliance in the home sale. Then, when you move into your home, the fridge will be there, working, and ready to keep your food and drinks cool.

Because a professional home inspection does not usually include inspecting your fridge, this is something you can check easily on your own during a final walk-through with your realtor. If there is an ice maker, be sure it is currently freezing and making ice.

The temperatures in the freezer and fridge sections are especially important for keeping your food preserved. Place a thermometer into each to check the temperature in the freezer is at 0 degrees F and the fridge is at or below 40 degrees F.

If anything is found amiss, talk to your realtor about requesting a repair by the seller and also delaying the home closing until it is resolved. You may also want to contact a home air conditioning inspection service such as Home Inspection Associate.