Have A Large Family? Buy A Home With Adequate Parking Accommodations

Posted on: 11 July 2018

Focusing on your household is reasonable when you are looking at real estate for sale, because you want to make sure that your spouse and kids are happy in the house that you purchase. But, you may also have a large family that you intend on inviting over for dinners, holidays, and events.

When you know that your family will come over with more than a few cars, you should prioritize certain qualities with homes for sale to accommodate your family's parking needs.


An ideal place to start is with the garage because this is where you may intend on parking most or all your vehicles. A one-car garage is enough to fit a single car, but if you intend on owning several cars, you may want to demand a two or three-car garage to increase storage capacity.

This will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to parking your vehicles and inviting family over. For instance, you may have a handicapped family member visiting your home. A large garage makes it easy to make enough space for the vehicle they come in to go in the garage. If they still get around on their own, this will reduce how far they must travel to get in your home.


A one to three-car garage is reasonable, but you may not find anything larger unless you are looking at enormous homes or you find a property that was owned by a car collector. However, you should not have much trouble finding homes with huge driveways. Such a sizeable driveway usually comes with a great deal of privacy because the house is so far away from the road.

Getting a wide driveway is ideal because you can have family members line up in rows of two or three. This will keep everyone in your family from having to move their vehicle when someone at the front of the driveway wants to leave. Even though it may take a bit of teamwork when a family gathering comes to an end, you will like being able to provide parking for everyone.

Street Parking

Even if you are able to find a home with a decent-sized garage and driveway, you may not be able to supply enough parking space on occasion. This is when you will benefit from buying a home in an area with amply street parking that you know does not get filled up on a nightly basis.

Buying a home with these qualities will make it easy for your family to visit your house.