Do Not Have Time For Marketing? Get Property Management Service For Your Rental

Posted on: 11 July 2018

Owning a rental property is a great way to generate income. But, working as a landlord means that you need to invest a decent amount of time and effort into managing the rental. This is especially true during a vacancy because you may need to do a lot of rental marketing.

If you do not have time to put on a proper marketing campaign, you should hire a property management company that can handle this responsibility to rent out your place quickly.


While online marketing is a popular method for filling a rental, you should be able to find property managers who take the time to make newspaper ads. This marketing effort is important because there are some people who will not go online to look for a potential rental property. Also, your rental will experience less competition in the newspaper compared to online listings


When your property is in an area where people pass by regularly, you cannot go wrong with proper signage in the front yard that advertises the rental. When these individuals are not residents of the neighborhood, they may be looking for a way to move into the area. Even if they are residents, they may want to find a more suitable place to live without moving away.


Putting up flyers in the surrounding area is a great tactic for grabbing the attention of people who may be walking around. Some people will find the flyer and be interested right away while others will take notice because they know a family member or friend is looking for a place to live.

Property managers will make sure to have a 24-hour answering service set up so that when someone calls, they will get a response that moves them closer to turning in an application.


Although you may have shown off the property in the past, you may not have had much flexibility regarding the days and hours that you were able to devote to potential tenants. A property management company can do showings throughout the entire week to speed up the process.

When a renter is determined to see a rental in person before turning in an application, being able to show the property to a lot of people in a short time frame will get your place rented quickly.

Getting help from a property management company is a smart decision, especially when you have limited time to invest in marketing the rental during a vacancy.